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Fenix Blog

NEW Fenix ARE-A4 Multifunctional Battery Charger

Fenix ARE-A4 Multifunctional Battery ChargerWhat’s the difference between these two chargers: ARE-C2+ (discontinued) and ARE-A4?There is no difference in functionality. There is a change in the appear …
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NEW Fenix WF05E Intrinsically Safe Flashlight - Ready for Many Industrial Settings

NEW Fenix WF05E Intrinsically Safe FlashlightThe much-requested intrinsically safe light is now available from Fenix. The WF05E is intended for all areas at risk of explosion, excluding underg …
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With Fenix, You Get "Daylight" 24 Hours a Day...

Who Cares About Daylight Savings Time When You Can Have the Sun in Your Hand? With Fenix, You Get "Daylight" 24 Hours a Day... OK, maybe not true daylight; but you do get some very impres …
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Big Brother - Little Brother: Which Light is Best for You?

Big Brother vs. Little Brother..."So what's the difference between this light and that light?" That is probably the most common question we receive in Customer Service.  Fenix focuses o …
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New Fenix ALL-01 Soft Flashlight Lanyard--Designed to Carry Up to 46 Pounds!

The new Fenix ALL-01 Soft Flashlight Lanyard is perfect for hand carrying those larger flashlights. The ALL-01 provides added security to prevent accidental dropping during carry. The adjustab …
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