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We have received numerous reports of charges from a company that says FENIX PETRO FENIXSTORE.CO OK in the transaction description. We are currently investigating these charges and can confirm that these charges DID NOT come from Fenix Store or any businesses related to US. It appears that a DIFFERENT COMPANY has put our business information in the TRANSACTION DESCRIPTION for their erroneous charge. We are currently doing all we can to help identify who is responsible. WE RECOMMEND working with your financial institution to DISPUTE this charge and please let us know if you do receive any pertinent information so that we can pass this information to others.

Our legal department has contacted the FTC and is working vigorously to try to help identify the perpetrators responsible. We intend to prosecute, to the fullest extent of the law, any individuals that have illegally used our Brand and/or Business Name in an attempt to impersonate FENIX-STORE.COM.


The fastest way to contact us is by completing the Contact Us Form below. We strive to answer all emails by the end of each business day.  Please feel free to call us also. Our incoming call volume is high so if you call and it goes to voice mail, please leave a message.  Most calls are returned by the end of the day. NOTE:  Our 800 number operates only within the mainland USA.  For all states off the mainland and all international countries, you will need to call the 918-286-8799.

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