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Fenix FD Series Flashlights

Zoomable flashlights

Bringing you the best of both worlds, these Fenix flashlights bring you the option to have the beam focused down to a spotlight or widen it up to be a bright floodlight. Adjustable focus flashlights allow for more versatility so you can use the torch in multiple situations. The flood light is perfect for up close work, illuminating a room, and shining brightly completely around you. The focused beam is excellent for spotting things in the distance and scouting the backyard. Adjustable focus LED flashlights can come in all shapes in sizes so you can more easily pick what you need. Some may also be considered a tactical flashlight, an everyday carry flashlight, or an outdoor flashlight. Whatever you need it for, an adjustable focus flashlight is a good option. Whether you need a spotlight or a floodlight,, these zoomable flashlights have got you covered.


  • Fenix FD41 LED Flashlight

    Fenix FD41 LED Flashlight + 1 ARB-L18-2600U 18650 Battery

    MSRP: $105.95

    The Fenix FD41 Flashlight is one of a kind. What makes this Flashlight so special? The dual functions of spotlight and floodlight that can be changed with the 360-degree rotary focus function. With a 81 degree wide beam angle floodlight you will see...

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