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Fenix BC25R LED Bike Light


    Fenix BC25R Bike Light with rechargeable internal battery
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    Fenix BC25R LED Bike Light

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    Battery Type:
    Battery Type:
    Max Lumens:
    Small - 4 to 6 inches long
    Max Runtime:
    1-50 hours
    Max Beam Throw:
    251-750 feet
    User Interface:
    Side switch Only
    Number of Outputs:
    IP Waterproof Rating:
    IP66 - Heavy rain/splashing
    Battery Included
    Micro-USB Rechargeable
    Battery-Level Indicator
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    Product Description

    The Fenix BC25R LED Bike Light has finally arrived! This new commuter bike light is elegant with a powerful output of 600 lumens. The New Fenix BC25R can be seen at an impressive 347 Feet. Designed with safety in mind, the Fenix BC25R has an anti-glare cut-off facula that prevents pedestrians from losing visibility. The easy-to-use quick release mount makes charging the flashlight a breeze. The compact design with included single-switch control allows you to use the bike light as a flashlight also. The Fenix BC25R body also provides an easy-to-see battery level indicator that will let you know when it is time to recharge your light via Micro USB. Since the bike light has a 2600mAH Li-ion battery built in, you won't have to worry about chargers and spare batteries. The BC25R can even take on rainy day with the IP66 rating, preventing small dust particles and heavy rain and splashing causing any damage to the bike light. The body is designed with all-metal heat dissipating fins that prevent over heating or burning. Make the Fenix BC25R you next commuting bike light! 


    • Fenix BC25R Lumen Output Levels
      • Turbo: 600 Lumens, 2 hours, 347 ft
      • High: 350 Lumens, 7 hours, 259 ft
      • Mid: 150 Lumens, 15 hours, 173 ft
      • Low: 50 Lumens, 36 hours, 104 ft
      • Flashing: 150 Lumens
    • Anti-glare cut-off facula line makes urban commuting safer for oncoming persons.
    • Compact size for easy carry
    • CREE XP-G3 neutral white LED - max 600 lumens, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
    • Built-in 2600mAh Li-ion battery
    • Micro USB rechargeable
    • 5.4 oz./155 grams (including mount and battery)
    • Battery level indication and low-voltage warning
    • One switch control
    • Quick-release bike mount, easily operated
    • Can be used as a flashlight


    • Length: 5.2 inches
    • Width: 1.25 inches
    • Height: 1.22 inches
    • Weight: 5.4 oz


    • BC25R Bicycle Light (includes a built-in 2600mAH Li-ion battery)
    • BC35R Handlebar Bike Mount
    • USB charging Cable
    • Bike Mounting Shim - Thin
    • Bike Mounting Shim - Thick
    • User Manual and Warranty Card

    Fenix BC25R User Manual

    Operating Instruction
    Press and hold the switch for 0.5s to turn the light on/off.

    Output Selection
    With the light switched on, single click the switch to cycle through Low→Med→High→Turbo.
    With the light switched on, double click the switch to enter flash, single click to turn back to general mode.
    Battery level Indication
    With the light switched off, single click the switch to check the battery status. The battery level indicators will display the battery status for 3 seconds.

    One light on: critical, 0% - 25%
    Two lights on: poor, 26% - 50%
    Three lights on: sufficient, 51% - 85%
    Four lights on: saturated, 86% - 100%

    One standard Micro USB charging cable, which can be used for charging other digital devices, is included.
    Operation: With the light switched off, remove the dust cover of the bicycle light to reveal the charging port, and plug the Micro USB end of the USB cable into the light’s charging port, then connect the other end of the USB cable to a USB power adaptor.
    Charging Indicator: The indicators near the switch will display charging status. Four indicators will remain constant on when the battery is fully charged.

    1. Once charging is completed, be sure to remove the charging cable and replace the dust cover.
    2. The normal charging time of the built-in battery is 2.5 hours from fully depleted to fully charged with the light off.
    3. Recharge the light timely when the battery level is critical, for future use.
    4. Recharge a stored light every three months to maintain optimal battery performance.
    5. Only Low output can be used while the light is being charged, but charging time will be prolonged.

    Intelligent Memory Circuit
    The light memorizes the last selected brightness level on General mode. When turned on again the previously used brightness level will be recalled.
    Overheat Protection 
    The light will accumulate a lot of heat when working on Turbo mode. The light will automatically step down a few lumens to reduce the temperature, but turbo mode can be reselected.
    Low-voltage Warning
    One of the indicators flashes when the battery level is critical. When the voltage level drops below a preset level, the bicycle light is programmed to step down to a lower brightness level until Low output is reached. To ensure normal use, the bicycle light will work until the battery runs out.
    Mounting Instruction
    Bicycle Light and bicycle mount
    1. Unscrew the screw of the bike mount. Fix the bike mount in the desired position on the bike handlebar and fasten the screw.
    2. Loosen the fine adjustment screw of the handlebar mount before clamping the mount to the bar by securely tightening the set screw.
    3. Slide the light into the mount until a distinct “click” is heard 
    1. Adjust the direction of the light before testing the power and functions of the bicycle light.
    2. Use the shims provided according to the diameter of the bicycle’s handlebars: 

    1. Thick + thin shims together: diameter 22-28mm;

    2. Thin only: diameter 28-32mm);

    3. With no shim (whenever applicable): diameter 32-35mm.

    Usage and Maintenance
    1. Disassembling the sealed head can cause damage to the light and will void the warranty.
    2. The light will accumulate a lot of heat when working on Turbo mode. Do not touch the heat dissipation fins.
    3. For secure transportation, the bicycle light is not fully charged before delivery. Recharge it before first use.
    4. Store a fully charged light in a dry, ventilated place if it will not be used for a long time. Recharge a stored light before reuse.
    This light is a high-intensity lighting device capable of causing eye damage to the user or others. Avoid shining the light directly into anyone’s eyes.





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