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Today we're going to be going over some of Fenix's keychain flashlights, and choosing what we think is the best keychain flashlight. They offer a wide range from a few lumens to several hundred lumens depending on what size and battery type the light uses.

We'll start off with one of the cheaper lights. The Fenix E01 (discontinued; recommended replacement E01 V2. Fenix E01 is $10.95 and is one of the better value lights Fenix offers. It's got a constant brightness of 13 lumens and a 21 hour working time. It's got a twist head and operates with a AAA battery. And at 71 millimeters it's certainly small enough to fit on your keychain.

Next, we've got the upgraded version of the E01 called the E05, which costs $19.95. It too has a twist head and runs on a AAA battery. It's got three output modes. High being 85 lumens, mid being 25 lumens, and low running at 8 lumens. The run times for high is one hour, mid: 4 hours and 15 minutes, low: 14 hours and 30 minutes. It's got a diffused lens which gives you a broad beam that provides soft and even illumination. Perfect for up close reading or anything else you're trying to illuminate up close.

Next we have the Fenix Flashlight CL05 (discontinued; recommended replacement CL09). This is a pretty unique light. Fenix calls it the lip light and the reason is it resembles a stick of lipstick. It comes in multiple colors. There are three LEDs, white, red, and green. It's got seven output modes; moonlight, high, red, red flash, green, green flash, and SOS. We'll run down the lumen output and the run time for each of these. Moonlight runs at .8 lumens for 40 hours. High: eight lumens at 4 hours. Red: two lumens at 11 hours, and the red flash: 2 lumens at 22 hours. Green: five lumens, 10 hours and 30 minutes, and the green flash, five lumens and 21 hours. The SOS mode runs at eight lumens. It's got a maximum beam distance of 11 feet so it is truly a pure flood light. Also has an IP86 rating. It’s operated by one AAA battery.

Next we have the Fenix LD02 (discontinued; recommended replacement LD02 V2). Possibly Fenix's most popular keychain light. Probably because it functions via tail switch which is unique for a light that is only three inches long. Three modes of operation; high, mid, and low. On high you have a hundred lumens of output which is very good for a light this size and on high at hundred lumens it'll run 45 minutes. Mid: 25 lumens at four hours and 15 minutes. Low: eight lumens, 14 hours and 30 minutes. The LD02 also has a diffused lens which provides a broad beam for soft and even illumination for close-up applications. This light is water proof up to IPX8 standard and operates on one AAA battery. The LD02 retails at $29.95 and in my opinion is the best keychain flashlight that Fenix makes.

Another great keychain light is the UC02. The Fenix UC02 (discontinued; recommended replacement E02R) is $24.95 and is the smallest light Fenix offers. The UC02 has two output modes – High: 130 lumens with a 25 minute run time and low: 10 lumens with a 3 hour 50 minute run time. The UC02 throws its beam 157 feet and is the perfect minimalist keychain light only 1.7” long. It takes a proprietary 10180 li-ion battery and is rechargeable. With an IPX-8 waterproof rating, this thing is also nearly impenetrable. I’d rank this as the second best Fenix keychain flashlight.

             The UC01 (discontinued; recommended replacement E03R) is another rechargeable keychain light. At $11.95, the uc01 is possible the best value out there for keychain lights. It operates with 3 modes of brightness. High: 45 lumens for 1 hour 20 minutes. Medium: 20 lumens at 3 hours run time and low: 1 lumen at 50 hours. It’s houses a built-in li-polymer battery and like I said before, is rechargeable. This light comes equipped with a zinc allow white nickel-plated keychain clip. This light is perfect for a someone with a budget that wants a great keychain light.

Finally, the brightest and most unique keychain light Fenix offers is the E15. The Fenix Flashlight E15 runs on a CR123 battery or a 16340 making it's output greater than the rest of these by quite some margin. It has four brightest levels; turbo, high, mid, and low. With turbo, you've got 450 lumens with a 55-minute run time with a 16340 battery which is a rechargeable battery. You have 270 lumens with one hour and 35 minute run time with a CR123 battery. On high, using a 16340 battery you have 310 lumens with a 3 hour 15 minute run time. And on high with a CR123 battery, you have a 110 lumens with a five hour and five minute run time. On mid with the 16340, you have 50 lumens with a nine hour and 25 minute run time. On mid with the CR123 battery you have 50 lumen output, 12 hour 30 minute run time. Low, 16340 battery, eight lumens 40 hour run time. Low, the CR123 battery you have eight lumens 72 hour run time. The E15 actually has a pretty great beam throw as well at 433 feet. It has a twist head for on off function and it's a great light to use single handed. This light too is up to the IPX8 standard which for each of these is water proof up to two meters and 30 minutes. Like I mentioned before, the E15 is capable of running on 16340 rechargeable battery and a three volt CR123 battery. The Fenix E15 runs at $29.95.

Fenix Flashlights offers a wide range of the best keychain flashlights. Keychain lights are a growing market in the flashlight industry and Fenix is consistently developing and coming out with higher lumen outputs in smaller packages. I've gone over several of Fenix's best sellers although there are many other lights that in a similar EDC category that many people choose to use as keychain lights. For instance, LD09, LD12, PD25. Feel free to experiment yourself and see which is the best keychain flashlight for you. And as always, thanks for visiting and take care.