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Brightest Underwater Dive lights


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Who knew that Fenix had dive lights? They have two dive lights in our inventory, which is the SD20 and the SD11. It's very unique for Fenix, because we haven't had diving lights for very long. The first one we're going to start out with is the Fenix SD20. The Fenix SD20 is very good for deep sea exploring, or hunting, observing underwater wildlife. It's good for any of those situations that you would like and the Fenix SD20 is built for all diving activities. You get a 332 foot depth rating, along with, a maximum of 464 foot beam distance. The maximum 1,000 lumens of white light and 105 lumens of red light are produced from two 18650 batteries. It has one hand operation. It uses the twist head to access three light modes, which is very useful if you're under water.

The white light has a high of 1,000 lumens and it can run for three hours and it has a 564 foot beam distance. Their low setting on the white light is at 400 lumens and it can run on seven hours and 30 minutes and 354 foot beam distance. The red light settings, it has 105 lumens and it can run for eight hours and 239 foot beam distance for that. Now, the dual layer body that it has on it guards against corrosion when you're under water. I don't know if any other lights usually have that setup, but I think that's pretty good. The beam angle is 110 degrees, so you get a wide angle for it. It also has a low voltage warning on it that reminds when the battery needs to be replaced. It's waterproof up to 332 feet, which is 100 meters. Actually inside this flashlight, the batteries are not included. It does come with the flashlight, of course, SE20 flashlight, one lanyard, a spare O-ring, one conducting plate, a user manual, and a warranty card for if it gets damaged in any way.

Next, we have the Fenix SD11. The SD11 is good for about as much as the Fenix SD20 is for deep sea exploring, hunting, and observing underwater nightlife, but this one has an R-plus mode. The R-plus mode is the optimal combination of neutral white light and red light, which is super fit for underwater viewing, photography, and video shootings, since red light is extraordinarily scarce there, even if you have enough brightness. I would say it's better than the SD20 for underwater photography and video shooting. You also get a 330 foot depth rating, along with, a maximum 564 foot beam distance, just like the SD20. That's good as well. The maximum 1,000 lumens of white light and 250 lumens of red light are produced from just one single 18650 battery. The white light on high is 1,000 lumens with two hours and 147 foot beam distance. The white light on low, 500 lumens, which is Three hours and 40 minutes and 98 foot beam distance.

Red light is 250 lumens and three hours and 75 foot beam distance. On both lights, they're both used for one rechargeable 18650 battery. The one that Fenix accepts are the L182600, the L182600U, the L182900, and the L183500, along with, the L183500U. Now, the 3500 would be the recommended, the L183500 would be the recommended battery that we would suggest to use. It'll give you the maximum time that it specifies and it lasts quite a long time and does not take too long to recharge. Each of those batteries has a different milliamp. The higher the milliamp, the longer the run time between the charges. We also have chargers that you can buy for these batteries, for the flashlights, and the compatible chargers for all the 18650 batteries are AREX1. We have an AREX1 plus. We also have an AREX2, an AREC1 plus, or the AREC2 plus. Now, for the SD11, the SD11 comes with, of course, the flashlight, the SD11 flashlight, and it comes with a flashlight clip and a camera mount.

That's why it would probably be safe to say that the Fenix SD11 is better equipped for photography under water and videoing. It also has a one band ring that comes with it, a diving lanyard, two spare O-rings. It comes with a user manual, one warranty card and a low voltage warning ... It also has a low voltage warning reminds when the battery replacement is needed and it's waterproof up to 332 feet, 100 meters. These dive lights are very unique for Fenix. This is a relatively new product line for Fenix Flashlights and the response has been very favorable so far! The one handed operation also is a very good feature for it, so you don't have to deal with having one hand on something, or having to have two hands on a light just to work it if you have to hold something else in your other hand.

I believe that would be a good thing to have on your underwater dive light. It's not a huge light, so it's easy to use one handed. It's very small compared to other dive lights that one the market, the big ones that look like spotlights that you take under water. This one's more compact and easy to carry around, so I would say it's better for mobility and movement. That's about it for the diving lights. Thank you for reading and visit for additional information!