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Fenix Flashlights | E05 LED Keychain Light

The Fenix E05 It's an ultra-compact, everyday carry flashlight, which basically is the only compact, pocket sized light you’ll ever need. It does have a max of 85 lumens and it can be powered by a single AAA alkaline or you can use a rechargeable Ni-Mh or Lithium battery but will come with one alkaline battery in the package. 

Fenix built the E05 from the same aircraft-grade aluminum as its full-sized tactical flashlights so you know the quality that you have come to expect from Fenix Flashlights will be there. It measures 2.63 inches long and about a half an inch wide and only weighing half an ounce without the battery so this could easily attach to a keychain to light your way to and from your door or car on a dark night or even to your treestand just before daylight, keep it on a backpack for quick access, a purse or just kept in your pocket for walking the dog. 

The Fenix E05 has three output modes which are High at 85 Lumens and will run for approximately 1 hour with an Ni-MH rechargeable battery and 45 min with an Alkaline battery and will have a maximum beam distance at 45 meters or 147 feet.

The next mode is the Mid setting which is 25 Lumens and has a runtime of 4 hours & 15 min with either a Alkaline or Ni-MH rechargeable.

Lastly, the Low setting is 8 Lumens and will run 14 hours & 30 min with a Ni-MH battery and 15 hours with an Alkaline.

The light can serve as a candle or lamp by standing it up on its tail and will stay upright on a flat surface. It has a reliable twist operated head so it really prevents any accidental activation and will provide soft, even beam for close-up illumination. This Fenix Flashlight is waterproof rated at IPX-8 standard for 30 minutes under water to 6.5 feet.

Whether it is kept in a bag on your keychain or in the car, you’ll surely be glad you have this compact E05 Fenix Flashlight to come in and give you the light you need for any situation. As I mentioned earlier, this flashlight will work with any AAA battery, however I would personally recommend lithium or the rechargeable NIMH to prevent leakage.

Most users really enjoy the easy to use interface as well as the energy-conserving modes as well as the convenience of using only one AAA battery. It will come with a

small key ring on the tail that will allow you to hang it to something as well if you need an overhead light. There is no memory on this light so it will always come on in low and just simply twist it back and forth to reach the mid and high settings. 

Finally, I’ll be going over what will be in the package when you purchase a Fenix E05 flashlight. First of course will be the E05 itself which does come in Black, Blue and Purple then you’ll have the Key Ring as well as the spare O-ring, one single Alkaline Battery and the instructions sheet with the warranty card and will have the same trusted warranty as any other Fenix Flashlight which is 5 years on the light so if anything at all happens to it, just give us a call and we would be glad to get you out of the dark and help get your Fenix Flashlight back in working condition. Make sure to pick up an E05 for your whole family, they’ll be glad you did. The E05 is a phenomenal light especially for the size and great price at only $19.95 and makes for great Christmas or birthday gifts, stocking stuffers or you just may need a small and bright flashlight. 

I’ve heard from several customers that you do not want to be caught without a light and as small as this Fenix E05 is you may forget you have it on you but will be happy you have it. Thank you for taking the time to read up the E05 today and I hope you got some valuable information from it, I hope everyone has a great summer in the outdoors!