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Fenix LR50R Multifunctional Search Light - 12000 Lumens


    Fenix LR50R on white background from top
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    Fenix LR50R Multifunctional Search Light - 12000 Lumens

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    Battery Type:
    Battery Type:
    Battery Type:
    Max Lumens:
    Extra Large - Wide body lights
    Max Runtime:
    51-100 hours
    Max Beam Throw:
    1500+ feet
    User Interface:
    Side switch Only
    Number of Outputs:
    IP Waterproof Rating:
    IP68 - Submersible 2m; 30 min
    Battery Included
    USB Type-C Rechargeable
    Battery-Level Indicator
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    Product Description

    The perfect searchlight? We have it! It's big, powerful, and has a beam distance of 3116 feet. This new flashlight goes by the name of LR50R. The powerful LR50R will impress anyone with the outstanding 12000 lumens powered by the ARB-L52 16000 rechargeable battery pack; you can also use 4 21700 batteries. As if that was not enough, the included 16000mAh large-capacity battery can be used as a power bank. You can also attach the LR50R to the easy to carry lanyard or use the tripod socket for outdoor photography. A battery level indicator will tell you when it's time to charge the LR50R with the included USB Type-C charging cable. This powerful flashlight can serve multiple purposes, including search and rescue missions. 


    • 4 Luminus SST70 LED's with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
    • Maximum output of 12000 Lumens
    • Intelligent brightness downshifting
      • Sensing circuit when head is close to illuminated object for more than 1.5 seconds, the flashlights will automatically downshift to eco mode.
      • Will downshift in the present of sunlight
    • Included 16000 mAh Battery Pack
    • USB Type C rechargeable
    • USB discharging
    • General Mode 
      • Turbo: 12000 Lumens, 1.83 hours, 3116 ft
      • High II: 6000 Lumens, 2.33 hours, 2263 ft
      • High I: 3000 Lumens, 2.67 hours, 1574 ft
      • Med: 1000 Lumens, 7.67 hours, 918 ft
      • Low: 350 Lumens,  24 hours, 541 ft
      • Eco: 50 Lumens, 58 hours, 229 ft
    • Functional mode
      • Turbo: 12000 Lumens, 1.83 hours, 3116 ft
      • Strobe: 6000 Lumens
    • Can operate as a power bank
    • 4A Fast Charging - 4 Hours for full charge
    • Inner waterproofing treatment of USB and micro USB ports
    • Lockout function
    • Battery level indicator
      • Four lights: 100%-80%
      • Three lights: 80%-60%
      • Two lights: 60%-40%
      • One light: 40%-20%
      • One flashing light: 20%-1%
    • Included shoulder strap for convenient carrying
    • Tripod socket for hands-free use
    • Low-voltage warning function
    • Digitally regulated output maintains constant brightness
    • IP68 Waterproof rating: fully submersible to 6.5 feet for 30 minutes


    • Included: ARB-L52-16000 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack
    • Compatible: Four rechargeable 21700 batteries (maximum output is 6000 Lumens with 21700 batteries)


    • Length: 6.42 inches
    • Head diameter: 3.46 inches
    • Body thickness: 2.36 inches
    • Weight: 34.8 oz excluding battery


    • LR50R Rechargeable Flashlight
    • Fenix HM23
    • ARB-L52-16000mAh battery Pack
    • Lanyard
    • Holster
    • Shoulder Strap
    • Spare O-ring
    • USB Type-C Charging Cable
    • LR50R User Manual
    • Warranty card

    More Information 

    Fenix keeps surprising us this week with their incredible releases and today we're going to talk about another one. Believe it or not, it's not the last one, but it's still super exciting because it is an extremely powerful searchlight. We're going to be looking at the LR50R 12,000 lumen searchlight. So let's just dive into the features.

    12,000 Lumen Searchlight

    How many times do you think we can say 12,000 lumens before it stops sounding impressive? I don't think it's possible. This is a beast of a flashlight. With any extremely high powered flashlight, you can expect a larger form factor. And yet, surprisingly, the flashlight is not as big as it could be. It's less than six and a half inches in length with a head diameter that is less than three and a half inches. The body diameter is also less than two and a half inches so even though it's a larger flashlight, we're still very impressed that it's still quite compact for the amount of power it delivers. 

    The LR50R features a really nice beam that's wide but still has a hot spot giving you the best of both worlds when it comes to beam patterns. The LR50R features an astonishing maximum beam distance of 950 meters, perfect for a searchlight.

    The LR50R is similar to the Fenix LR40R but one major difference is the LED situation. With the LR50R, it features four LEDs tucked into their own little reflectors which gives it a balanced beam with a wide angle as well as a hotspot. The LR40R on the other hand features 19 LEDs, one in the middle and the other 18 circling the edge. So that's one major difference between these two search lights that we want to point out.

    Multiple Modes = Versatile Function

    Fenix designed the LR50R to be a multifunctional searchlight which means it's built for versatile situations. Operating it is simple with its dual side switches and all it takes is a single click of the functional switch to get a momentary turbo meaning that turbo is always at your fingertips.

    The LR50R also has two modes - a General Mode and a Functional Mode. The Functional Mode is more for emergency situations and particularly when you need to use the turbo output more than anything else. In the Functional Mode, you'll only be able to access the turbo of 12,000 lumens, strobe, and SOS.

    The General Mode is exactly how it sounds where it's more for general use. In this mode, you're able to access six total brightness levels ranging from 50 lumens to 12,000 lumens. Switching modes is easy and having both modes makes this flashlight work for you no matter the circumstance. With the LR50R you can choose which mode is better depending on your situation.

    Rechargeable Fenix Flashlight

    The LR50R uses four 21700 lithium-ion batteries. That is a whopping number of batteries, but the good news is that this searchlight is rechargeable. It has a USB Type-C charging port which allows for 4A fast charging. Fenix boasts that the LR50R can charge fully in 4 hours. Charging 4 batteries in 4 hours is pretty impressive, especially considering they're 21700 batteries which have more energy. Also, in an emergency, the LR50R is able to run on one to three 21700 batteries.

    Another really cool feature of this light is that it can be used as a power bank. So if you need to charge up a USB device, you can use your LR50R to give it the extra bit of energy it needs. In an emergency situation, the power bank really comes in handy.

    And here’s another cool aspect of the LR50R we want to point out - the battery indicator. The indicator is four lights located just above the switches. Based on the number of LEDs that are lit up, you can tell how much battery power you have left in this light. When it comes to a searchlight, a precise battery level indicator is a must. Fenix has created an accurate and reliable indicator to determine the status of the battery so that you always know and can plan your flashlight usage. 

    The LR50R is a hefty Fenix flashlight with some hefty features. When it comes to searchlights, the LR50R is as impressive as they come with that high output of 12,000 lumens, the momentary turbo, and the multiple modes. Not to mention Fenix went above and beyond by giving it a USB-C charging port and a power bank function. Make sure to check out the Fenix LR50R searchlight. 


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