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Fenix PD32 V2 Flashlight - 1200 Lumens


    Fenix PD32 V2 EDC flashlight corner view
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    Fenix PD32 V2 Flashlight - 1200 Lumens

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    Battery Type:
    Battery Type:
    Battery Type:
    Max Lumens:
    Small - 4 to 6 inches long
    Max Runtime:
    51-100 hours
    Max Beam Throw:
    1001-1500 feet
    User Interface:
    Tail Switch Only
    Number of Outputs:
    IP Waterproof Rating:
    IP68 - Submersible 2m; 30 min
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    Product Description

    The ultimate tail standing flashlight has been updated with even more power and features. The new and improved Fenix PD32 V2.0 now produces an impressive 1200 lumens using an OSRAM KW CSLPM1.TG LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. All these lumens are powered by a single 18650 battery. What makes the PD32 V2.0  unique is the single switch dual layered design. A full (Hard) press activates and deactivates the flashlight, tapping the switch (Soft Press) allows you to cycle through the three different output modes; finally, hard pressing the button for .5 seconds will enable the strobe mode. The Fenix PD32 V2.0 is the perfect flashlight to keep around the house or for personal EDC use. 


    • OSRAM KW CSLPM1.TG LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
    • Outputs
      • High: 1200 Lumens, 2.67 hours, 1295 ft
      • Mid: 350 Lumens, 5.33 hours, 715 ft
      • Low: 30 Lumens, 82 hours, 180 ft
      • Strobe: 1200 Lumens
    • Intelligent Overheat Protection
    • Low voltage warning
    • Single rear dual layer switch operation
    • 18650 Battery compatible only
    • IP68 Waterproof Rating: Fully submersible to 6.5 feet for 30 minutes
    • Three output levels
    • Compact Size 
    • Practical Tail Standing Capability
    • Tough Aluminum body


    • Recommended: Fenix Lithium-ion Rechargeable 18650 batteries 
    • Not Recommended: Non-rechargeable CR123A batteries 
    • *Batteries Not Included* 


    • Length: 5.09 inches
    • Diameter: 1.0 inches
    • Weight: 2.89 oz Excluding battery


    • Fenix PD32 V2.0 LED Flashlight with pocket clip
    • Fenix PD32 V2.0 Holster
    • Fenix PD32 V2.0 Lanyard
    • Fenix PD32 V2.0 Instruction Manual
    • Fenix PD32 V2.0 Warranty Card 
    • Spare O-Ring

    More Information

    Fenix PD32 V2 Everyday Carry Flashlight

    When it comes to everyday carry flashlights, you want something small, easy to use, and durable. Fenix is answering that call and exceeding expectations with their recent upgrade, the Fenix PD32 V2. Not only is this flashlight compact, but it packs a punch with its output and has impressive features perfect for EDC.

    Perfect for all EDC Needs

    So what can you expect of this new upgraded Fenix light? Well first let's cover the size. The PD32 V2 is just barely over 5 inches in length and with its included pocket clip, it's a simple light for everyday carry. If you don't like the pocket clip though, you can always remove it which is a nice touch.

    This Fenix light is easy to operate, features enough brightness levels to make it versatile, and is extremely durable. Not to mention that it also has the ability to tail stand, an absolutely excellent feature for any everyday carry flashlight. If you need to work on something with both hands and you need light, just tail stand the PD32 V2 up and use it as a lantern. For such a small light, it has a lot going for it.

    Small Powerful Flashlight

    The Fenix PD32 V2 delivers 1200 lumens, very impressive for an everyday carry flashlight. Its predecessor, the PD32, delivers 900 lumens so we're seeing quite an upgrade with this new version. With its single tail switch, the PD32 V2 is so easy to operate. It even comes with a strobe mode that just requires you to hold the tail switch down for about half a second. So if you absolutely need to use it for self-defense, it's there for you.

    As we mentioned before, this flashlight features a few outputs: high - 1200 lumens, medium - 350 lumens, and low - 30 lumens. These are enough brightness levels that this EDC light can be used in multiple situations. Whether you need a small amount of light for an up-close task or a lot of light to scout an area, the PD32 V2 has you covered.

    Next, let's take a look at what battery the PD32 V2 uses. You have a couple options with the power source. The PD32 is able to run on one 18650 battery. With 18650 flashlights you get higher outputs and often longer run times. 

    The PD32 V2 features an impressive maximum runtime of 82 hours. With this long runtime, you can expect this flashlight will last a while before you need to charge or switch out the battery.

    The last thing we want to touch on with this light is it's durability. With Fenix you can expect high quality and long-lasting flashlights. The PD32 V2 is crafted from a tough aluminum and has a high waterproof rating of IP68. Basically, as long as you don't go swimming with your flashlight, you should be fine. The PD32 V2 exceeds expectations with its durability.

    As experts in the field of outdoor lighting technology, Fenix knows what people want in their flashlights and they deliver. The PD32 V2 is a top-notch everyday carry flashlight that will quickly become your go-to flashlight. Make sure to pre-order the Fenix PD32V2 EDC flashlight today.





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