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HP Series Fenix LED Headlamps

Fenix Headlamps by Series Type: HP Series

Bringing power to the table

With the HP series of Fenix headlamps, you are being brought power along with the optimal size and output. The HP series is known for bringing in the brightest of Fenix headlamps to the table! Along with their high outputs, each HP series headlamp has multiple features making them quite versatile. You’ll find many useful features including both a spotlight and floodlight, tilt ability, white and red LEDs, and more. Combining Fenix’s unparalleled craftsmanship with advanced LED technology, the HP series headlamps offer power, durability, and practicality. No matter the task, if you’re wanting a powerful headlamp, the Fenix HP series is the way to go.  

  • Fenix HP15 Ultimate Edt. Expedition Headlamp - Iron Grey

    Fenix HP15 Ultimate Edt. Expedition Headlamp - Iron Grey

    Fenix has knocked it out of the park with the HP15 Ultimate Edition LED Headlamp.  This is Fenix's product for extreme expedition-type activities, boasting of a rugged aluminum housing, a maximum of 900 lumens, six modes to include a BURST and SOS...

  • Fenix HP16R Rechargeable Headlamp - 1700 Lumens

    Fenix HP16R Rechargeable Headlamp - 1700 Lumens


    The Fenix HP16R is a rechargeable, high-performance outdoor headlamp that produces over 1700 Lumens. It can be powered by a single Fenix ARB-LP3000 Li-polymer battery pack or four AA batteries. What makes the HP16R unique is the separate battery case...