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Flashlight and Headlamp

Powerful Handheld Flashlights

Fenix’s high quality LED flashlights are not just bright - they’re tough as nails and designed to be practical for a wide variety of users. Their line of handheld flashlights includes some of the most popular LED devices on the market, while their bike lights, head lamps, and lanterns are indispensable gear to adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts all over the world. Learn more about their variety of product lines and find the perfect gear for your needs right here at the Fenix Store.

Powerful Handheld Flashlights
  • E Series - Compact, economical, and bright.
  • FD Series - LED lights with adjustable beam focus
  • LD Series - Designed for outdoor use ranging from search and rescue to camping
  • PD Series - Professional quality and fully featured
  • RC Series - LED flashlights with integrated charge ports
  • TK Series - High strength lights for industrial and tactical applications
  • SD Series - LED flashlights for divers
  • MC Series - Unique designs featuring adjustable heads
  • UC Series - Ultra-bright and USB rechargeable
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The World's Brightest Headlamps

Hands-free illumination is ideal for hikers, campers, and adventurers who need to light up the night while performing difficult tasks. Fenix’s LED headlamps are bright, comfortable, and loaded with features including water resistance, multiple outputs, tilting heads, and more. Casual hikers and die-hard outdoor enthusiasts can find the perfect headlamp from among Fenix’s diverse collection.

The World's Brightest Headlamps
  • HL Series - Economical, easy to operate, and incredibly bright
  • HP Series - Fully featured headlamps featuring unmatched outputs
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Rugged LED Bike Lights

Fenix LED Bike lights are bright, efficient, and weather resistant. Cyclists of all kinds will appreciate the easy-to-use interface, multiple output modes, and simple installation of this revolutionary biking gear. Each light is designed to fit the handlebars of most bicycles without the need for tools. Whether you’re lighting up the trails on the evening’s last single-track run or commuting through the city on your way home from work, you’ll appreciate having these high tech and durable lights on your ride.

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Lanterns for any Adventure

LED lanterns are perfect for hikers and campers of all levels. The high performance, low weight, and ease of use make them perfect for backpackers, car campers, and casual enthusiasts enjoying an evening under the stars. Fenix lanterns range from pocket-sized keychain lights to full-sized and rechargeable lanterns that will light up the campsite from sundown to sun up. Backed by Fenix’s lifetime warranty and featuring their years of engineering and building experience, it’s hard to find a more durable lantern than the Fenix series.

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