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Fenix MC Series Flashlights

Multi-adjustable LED Flashlights

The Fenix MC Series flashlights are the perfect work companions. Stationed as a stand-alone or stowed in molle straps, the adjustable head angle of the MC Series lights deliver illumination where it's needed. Multi-adjustable or right-angle flashlights serve professionals much due to their ability to illuminate hands-free. Simply attach the LED flashlight to a jacket or vest pocket or sit it on a flat surface. The torch will illuminate the area in front of you clearly, leaving your hands available for other tasks. The MC series flashlights have the advantage of being adjustable, so you can adjust the angle of the light as you require. Whether you work as a house inspector or as a police officer, the versatility of the MC series lights delivers excellent performance no matter what the job. Advanced LED technology gives you the best and brightest. Pair that with the superb construction of Fenix, the MC series provides innovation and utility. The MC series LED flashlights are ideal for police officers, military personnel, security forces, and more.