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Mounts for Fenix Flashlights

Bike Mounts, Gun Mounts, Helmet Mounts, Oh My!

Fenix creates strong and versatile mounts, allowing users to illuminate their path or task hands-free. From bike mounts to gun mounts to helmet mounts, Fenix-Store provides a wide selection compatible with many different Fenix LED flashlights. Simple to install and simple-to-use, these mounts are valuable accessories that provide hands-free illumination.

Not only will you find mounts in this section, you can also find remote pressure switches for Fenix tactical flashlights. Perfect for pairing with a gun mount, a remote pressure switch makes operating an LED flashlight easier while it’s mounted to a weapon. With access to momentary-on and a noiseless pressure pad, remote pressure switches are the ultimate accessory for a tactical flashlight.

  • Fenix ALG-00 Flashlight Ring

    Fenix ALG-00 Flashlight Ring

    MSRP: $23.95

    Introducing the brand new Fenix Flashlight Ring Mount. What is new with the Fenix ALG-00 is the quick-release feature as well as the new anti-slip inner rubber ring. With this new adjustable diameter design, you will be able to mount many different sizes...

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  • Fenix ALB-10 Quick-Release Bike Mount

    MSRP: $19.95

    Utilizing the unique split-type design for quick release, the Fenix ALB-10 bike mount can effectively reduce the flashlight mounting steps and the time.  Meanwhile, featuring the solidity and wide compatibility of Fenix bike mount, it will ensure...

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  • Fenix ALG01 LED Flashlight Tactical Ring Mount

    MSRP: $16.49

    You may be interested in ALG-00. Fenix's Own Tactical Flashlight Ring Mount.  Specifications: Weight: 51 grams (excluding allen wrench) Length: 45mm Material: Flashlight Ring Aluminum, type 6063TS. Plastic SpacerPOM Hex Screw:  Steel,...

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  • Fenix ALG-03 Headlamp Helmet Attachment

    Fenix ALG-03 Headlamp Helmet Attachment

    MSRP: $9.95

    Introducing Fenix's newest headlamp mount! The Fenix ALG-03 headlamp attachment is officially released! The ALG-03 is made from durable nylon and is easy to assemble! The ALG-03 headlamp attachment is specifically designed for HL55, HL60R &...

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  • Fenix ALD-02 Helmet Attachment Hook Set

    Fenix ALD-02 Helmet Attachment Hook Set

    MSRP: $7.99

    Fenix ALD-02 helmet attachment hook set is officially released today! Made of environmentally friendly PC material! Designed to keep your headband firmly on your helmet! The ALD-02 consists of four plastic hooks, which are designed to prevent the...

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  • Fenix AER-01 Remote Pressure Switch (Was AR-102)

    MSRP: $22.95

    This was formerly AR-102 Fenix's AER-01 remote pressure switch has four internal sensors with a steel spring-switch module for consistently reliable operation. The switch cable can extend up to 80cm and activates with just slight finger...

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  • Fenix AER-02 V2 Tactical Remote Pressure Switch


    The Fenix AER-02 V2 pressure switch is the upgrade you have been waiting for. The non-coiled and shorter cable allows for a more compact set up on an AR. The AER-02 is compatible with a wide variety of Fenix Models, most of which you may already have...

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  • Fenix AER-03 Tactical Remote Pressure Switch

    MSRP: $23.95

    This is an exciting new release from Fenix.  The Fenix AER-03 Tactical Remote Pressure Switch.  This switch features momentary-on, constant-on and output selection (function may vary with flashlights). The Fenix AER-03 Remote Pressure Switch is...

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  • Fenix AER-03 V2 Tactical Remote Pressure Switch


    With the all-new Fenix AER-03 V2, you can quickly adapt your Fenix Tactical flashlights to an AR. This tactical pressure switch is made from T6-grade aluminum. The cable is made from resilient PU material and is shorter than the previous model to help...

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  • Fenix ALD-08 Bike Light Helmet Holder


    The Fenix ALD-08 Bike Light Helmet holder is the perfect companion for a variety of Fenix Bike lights including the BC21R V2.0 and BC25R. The body of the ALD-08 has a wide design to provide security when placing your bike light on your helmet. The thick...

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  • Fenix ALG-05 Tactical Remote Pressure Switch Mount


    For a better grip of the AER Series pressure switches, pick up the new ALG-05. This all-new Picatinny rail mount is compatible only with the AER-02 V2 and AER-03 V2 tactical remote pressure switches. The body of the ALG-05 Picatinny Rail Mount is made...

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  • Fenix AFB-10 Waterproof Sports Waist Pack


    The Fenix AFB-10 is not your ordinary fanny pack! Designed with comfort in mind, the AFB-10 is lightweight, soft, and extremely comfortable to wear. The storage capacity can be expanded to store your phone, keys, change and other items up to 7.2 inches...

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