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New PD35 Announced!

New PD35!

 Fenix PD35 - 850 LUMENS!

We expected this light, the newest and best of the PD Series, the PD35, to sell fast and be our #1 seller for the 2013.  It has been a record-setter, and the orders are still coming in fast and furious.  Our first shipment has already been PRESOLD OUT.  We don't have a ship date for our second delivery, but Fenix has told us it would be soon after the first shipment.  We feel sure it will be before the end of the summer, probablly sometime mid-August to late August.  If you want one, you would be advised to place an order now to be on the list for the next shipment.  Just like the PD32T6, which sold out in 3 hours, this first shipment has sold out even faster.  You will truly appreciate this ultra-bright, pocket-friendly light.

Original PD35 now discontinued. See the newest EDC flashlight for 2021, the PD35 V3 here!

PD35 V3 includes all the accessories you need

The PD35 arguably been the most popular Fenix flashlight over the years here on Even though some other lights have taken over in terms of popularity, the PD35 series has been a mainstay from Fenix and we're excited to announce that there is a new PD35 in town. The PD35 V3 takes all your favorite features from the PD35 and PD35 V2 and adds a very nice lumen upgrade! 

With 1700 lumens and up to 230 hours runtime, the new Fenix PD35 V3 still has all the other features that you know and love and is still a flashlight with battery level indicator. Not only that, but this version also comes with a free 18650 battery! The ARB-L18-2600U, to be precise. This USB-Rechargeable battery doesn't require any additional charger so the PD35 V3 is very nearly an all-in-one package. You just need a standard wall adapter (compatible with most) and you are in business! Check out the new PD35 V3 here and see what all the excitement is about!