TEC Accessories Centipede

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TEC Accessories Centipede


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      Product Description

      The Centipede is the metric version of our Inchworm "ruler in the round." It is a functional keychain accessory that you'll use more times than you ever thought. The Centipede is a rod of 4.76 mm [3/16"] diameter 6Al-4V grade titanium with grooves cut at 2 mm increments up to 8 cm long. The outside surface is bead blasted to a uniform matte finish, and new grooves are then cut every centimeter for ease of reading.

      Why would you carry a ruler on your keychain? The real question is why not? Think of the possibilities!

      • Check your tire tread depth
      • Check the width of a broken fan belt or hose for replacement
      • Checking metric screw sizes and lengths
      • Comparing different product sizes at the store
      • Visualizing the size of a product based on reading product size specifications
      • Comparing the physical size of a part with the product packaging specifications at the store (i.e. buying a replacement plumbing fitting)

      Lightweight and convenient, you can carry this gorgeous piece of titanium on your keychain and never know it's there...until you need it!



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