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Top 5 Tactical night walking flashlights


Today I'm going to be giving you my top five flashlights for walking at night. Now all these I happened to pick from Fenix Flashlights line. I will start from size and output order from sos, still largest.

starting off we have the Fenix E12 (discontinued; recommended replacement is E12 V2) that has a max output of 130 lumens as is a very small aa powered flashlight, but it's very popular from Fenix, has been one of their best sellers ever since it came out due to its convenient size and good output. Instead of being a twist on it actually has a tail switch, so it's very easy and convenient to access as just simply two modes. A low and a high and a single click to turn it on and then a half press to change the modes.


It does have a broad beam lens, provides a soft even beam for closeup illumination, so it's perfect for seeing the trail or sidewalk while you're walking at night, and it is powered by single aa battery. The low is 8 lumens and the highs, 130 lumens, so it's a nice little aa powered flashlight. That is one of my favorites for walking at night. Next up is the Fenix LD22 2015 edition. This is another AA powered flashlight, but this one has a tactical options, which is not necessarily needed, but it is handy for walking out at night.

The medium is 30 Lumens, a high of 100 and turbo of 300 lumens, that's on the outdoor mode. In tactical mode, you only have access to the three modes, a strobe mode of 300 Lumens, a medium of 30, and then a turbo 300, and then they're also as sos mode of 100 lumens. You simply turn it on to instantly access turbo and then a half press will go to strobe and then another half breast will go to low. So you have your maximum output, but also in case any threats you do a simple half press and you have your strobe function. So it keeps you safe while walking out at night as well. The Fenix LD22 is very good tactical Fenix flashlight.


It is also perfect for just the everyday carry flashlight. And so next up on the list is the  Fenix PD25. This one actually comes with a free 700mAH rechargeable Battery, which is USB a rechargeable battery. The LED is a cree XP-L(V5) and has a max output of 550 lumens. It's very convenient size and it has a tail switch and side switch to cycle the modes. It offers four different brightness levels. It has that low of 5 lumens and medium of 50 lumens, a high of 150 and then a turbo 400.

Now on the 400 lumens it will throw the light about 130 meters. So it's not going to be too narrow, but it's not going to be too much of a flood either. So it's a good balance in between the two for walking out at night. The Fenix PD 25 is also very popular because it can also run on a single CR123 non rechargeable lithium battery, it makes the PD25 pretty convenient everyday flashlight. Next on the list is the Fenix FD30 focus/zoomable flashlight from Fenix. It also features a free battery the ARB-L1-2600mAH battery. And it is also a micro USB rechargeable battery featuring a new style 360 degree rotary focusing flashlight. It is a independently designed innovative dual reflector optical system which will allow the beam to throw evenly.



This innovative inner and outer dual reflector optical system will result in a highly efficient lighting effect. CR123A batteries make the FD30 standout in my opinion, which is why it made the list of the top five flashlights for walking at night. And it is also a light that will stand out in law enforcement, uh, searching and rescuing and camping and even outdoor photography.

With the floodlight it has a wide beam angle of 76 degrees. And then spotlight will reach up to 200 meters as the tactical tail switch to turn the light on, or even a momentary on. And then it has a stainless steel side switch for output selection as well as accessing the strobe. Now the Fenix is powered by either a single 18650 lithium ion rechargeable battery or two non rechargeable CR123. A batteries. So it's readily available. Has a CR123 a battery option as well. It is pretty handy and combat. It's only a five and a half inches in length and then an inch diameter and then it has the rotary ring just above the sides, which it is. IP68 rated for harsh protection, so it's totally protected against dust and foreign objects and submersible up to two meters.


The FD30 does have five different modes as an eco of eight lumens, a low of 50 lumens, the medium of 150 lumens a high of 350 and then a turbo of 900. And so with the 900 spotlight you had the 200 meter beam distance at the 900 turbo floodlight. Very nice spotlight for the size of flashlight. And now why this made my list? That's perfect. Flashlight for walking at night. Whether you need to spot something a bit further in front of you or just the give you a nice broad beam over the sidewalk where the path that you're walking or running a, it's perfect. You selected theory that your spotlight rotate it to a spot or rotated back to the floodlight, whichever one fits your need at the moment.

The Fenix UC30, we'll cover it and so last step on my list of top five flashlights for walking at night, I selected the Fenix UC 30, the 2017 edition and this is a Max output of 1000 lumens and it is micro USB rechargeable, so it's a very compact as well and it has high output and exquisite workmanship. I really liked the new side switch that it has on it. It's a mental science which compared to the rubber one that the old UC 30 included and also has a beam distance of 253 meters and is also powered by either a single 18650 rechargeable battery or the two non rechargeable cr123. A lithium batteries does have five outputs. A strobe and everything is controlled by the metal side switch. And so, uh, it makes them perfect light for walking at night as it will light up in the pathway or walkway that you may have with thousand lumen turbo mode.


And you can always check the battery status with this because since it has a better level indication when the light is off to access this, you just simply single click the side switch and the battery level indicator on the side will display for three seconds and then one switch will control all the outputs as well as stroke with the UC 30 years, press and hold the light, hold the button for about half a second, and this will turn the light on. And then just a single click of the switch will cycle through the different modes. And also with this UC 30 as it has a lockout function, simply double press the side switch quickly and you will lock the light so you can prevent any accidental activation. And simply double click it once more to online to light. It does come with a couple of different rubber boots. It comes on. It already is the green a little green one. It's illuminous. So that's actually what will help you help it glow in the dark, help you find the line, help you access the side switch, and also comes with a purple and a black rubber boot. So it's up to you which one you're going to want a. That sums up my list of top five flashlights for walking in night. Hope I was able to inform you on something and we have a great day.