Urban Operators Spinning Top - Copper

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Urban Operators Spinning Top - Copper


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      Product Description

      Spinning Tops are All the Rage!

      So what's the big deal about spinning tops? According to recent studies, playing with items while at your desk can enhance the thought process and increase productivity. So do you need a little boost to increase your focus or creativity--or do you need to de-stress? Then get to spinning. Spinning tops is a timeless past time for all ages--young and old. Milled from solid copper, the Urban Operators Spinning top is the perfect for a desk toy or gift. This 3/4" diameter top is perfectly balanced and spins effortlessly on the ceramic bead integrated into the tip.

      Need a little competition in your life or office? Let the "Office Top-Spinning Olympics" being.


      • Milled from solid copper
      • Ceramic bead integrated into the tip
      • 3/4" diameter
      • Long-lasting material and patina
      • Weight: 0.88 ounces (25 grams)




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