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WF Series

Intrinsically Safe Flashlights

If you're working in a hazardous environment such as fire and rescue, a refinery, or in an industrial setting, it's imperative to have an intrinsically safe flashlight. Knowing the importance of an intrinsically safe flashlight for many workers, Fenix has created the WF series. This flashlight series has passed the necessary tests required to be called intrinsically safe flashlights. Certified by IECEx, ATEX, and the CSA, the WF series underwent all the proper procedures in order for Fenix to deliver a truly safe flashlight for those working in hazardous locations.

Pairing advanced LED technology with flashlight features that user’s require and love, the WF series provides everything you would need in a work flashlight. Running on AA or AAA alkaline batteries, the power source for these LED flashlights are easy to come by and inexpensive to purchase. The multiple outputs with these flashlights allow for more options to choose from, so you can control how much light you need when you need it. If you're searching for a flashlight that can keep you safe in a hazardous environment, look no further than the Fenix WF series intrinsically safe flashlights.

  • Fenix WF11E Intrinsically Safe Flashlight

    Fenix WF11E Intrinsically Safe Flashlight


    The Fenix WF11E is an intrinsically safe flashlight that offers a variety of features for a safer work environment. The max output of the WF11E is 200 lumens and 3 AA Alkaline (Energizer E91) batteries power it.  The intrinsically safe flashlight is...

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