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Brightest LED Flashlights | Rechargeable and Non-rechargeable Flashlights

If you were to search on Google for Bright LED Flashlights, more than likely you would run into a long list of Android Apps that promise to give you the brightest LED flashlight for your Android Phone or iPhone. But is this really what you are looking for? Here at, we know that you are searching for the Brightest LED flashlights that are handheld, not some app that you install on your phone. We have compiled a list of bright LED flashlights that is actually a useful resource. We hope that this list is visible to all who are actually trying to find quality content for Bright LED flashlights that are handheld.

1. Fenix RC40 | 379.95 | 6000 Lumens Max

First on our list is the Fenix RC40 with a max output of 6000 Lumens. what would you do with a flashlight with this many Lumens? Search and Rescue! This is the perfect light for any search and rescue operation. It is powered but a 7800mAH battery that is charged inside the light! No more having to hassle with external chargers the Fenix RC40 has you covered. Another great application for this light would be for land management. throughout the years we have had many Farmers and landowners called in for this specific battery. Have a lot of acreages? The Fenix RC40 will be your best companion with a max throw distance of 2395 Feet, you will be able to see all the coyotes around your land. This Super bright LED Flashlight can be purchased at for only 379.95. Bring on the Lumens!

2. Fenix LD75C | 219.95 | 4200 Lumens Max 

This is the second brightest LED flashlight in the Fenix Lineup. The Fenix LD75C boasts 4200 Lumens at max output and a very reasonable price only 219.95. So what makes this light so special? We know that 4200 lumens are a lot of light, but the added bonus is that the Fenix LD75C also had Red, Green, and Blue LED's! This light is powered by 4 rechargeable 18650's. We would recommend this light for hiking and searching purposes. The color LED's make a great addition to this light giving you the options to see many animals better, also a great way to celebrate 4th of July with the Red, White, and Blue leds. Another great feature is the fact this light can run on either 4 of the 18650's or on two 18650's. Pick one up today at for only $219.95

3. Fenix TK65R | 219.95 | 3200 Lumens Max 

Please welcome the new Kid on the block! So far he has made a great impression. The Fenix TK65R has a max output of 3200 Lumens. So what's so great about this light? First, the fact that this light punches out this high amount of lumens, second is the fact that it is USB rechargeable, and third that it has a quick release belt! What else could you want from a flashlight? The Fenix TK65R was designed with law enforcement in mind. The quick release belt is perfect for Police officers and Patrol. It has a built in stainless steel strike bezel great for self-defense or breaking windows if necessary. The quick release belt makes it easy to access the light in a dangerous situation, no more fumbling your light in the dark.

4. Fenix TK47UE | 155.95 | 3200 Lumens

Another 3200 Lumen flashlight? YES, the Fenix TK47UE may have the same amount of lumens as the TK65R, but it is a completely different light. First of all the TK47UE is one of the best Floodlights that you will ever find thanks to its integrated Orange Peel Reflector. This is not just a floodlight, but also the best companion for camping or having as a car flashlight. The Fenix TK47UE is equipped with a Dual function tail switch that emits White light and Red light. The tails switch works as a diffuser and since the light can be stood up on its head it doubles as a camping lantern. In an emergency situation, the Dual function tail switch can also emit red light in S.O.S. and flash to be used when stranded on the side of a road. This makes the Fenix TK47UE more than just a 3200 Lumen flashlight, it's every hikers and camper dream flashlight. Pick one up at for only $155.95

5. Fenix TK35UE | 129.95 | 2000 Lumens 

Looking for a smaller bright LED Flashlight that still packs a punch? Here is your answer! The Fenix TK35UE with a max output of 2000 Lumens a throwing distance of 320M. This is the perfect backup for a Fenix RC40 and LD75 Flashlight. With 2000 Lumens the Fenix TK35UE meat all the demands for outdoors searching and rescue needs. This is also one of the easiest handled flashlights you could use. Why? there is no side switch, the TK35UE is operated by a dual rear switch. One switch turns the light on and off, while the other switch controls the different Lumen capacity, making this easy to use even in a dark situation. The body of the TK35UE also has Anti-slip patterns to avoid from fumbling the flashlight at night. This is an all-in-one durable flashlight that will last for years to come. Pick one up today at for only 129.95

Not one single Android Flashlight app mentioned! This is the real deal, all these lights are considered to be the Brightest LED flashlight available. Don't make a mistake and leave yourself in darkness because you choose a cheap flashlight from Amazon! Make a wise investment and get the Best LED flashlights available all at You won't regret it!