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Super Bright LED flashlight

Hello everyone and welcome again to Today we're going to be discussing the super bright led flashlight. If you are looking for a super bright led flashlight, then is a great place to look, you're going to find a lot of options for what you need at a great price point. So let's just start off. We'll be discussing a few of those. We'll start with the absolute boss of the Fenix Flashlights.



This is the Fenix TK72R led flashlight. This is indeed a super bright led flashlight with a boasting, a 9,000 lumen output. Now, this is not only does it have the brightest output of any Fenix flashlights that we do sell here, but it also has an amazing user operation interface where you have access to every single brightness level in between 100 lumens and 9,000 lumens. Whereas other flashlights might have five or maybe even six brightness levels to choose from that vary between their lowest and highest output settings. The Fenix TK72R, our is the only Fenix flashlight that is going to offer you full control over your output levels. It can be a 500 lumen flashlight. It can be a 1000 lumen flashlight. It can even do go 4,000, 6,000, and so on up until the maximum of 9,000 lumens. You truly can choose any brightness level that you would like. Absolutely a super bright led flashlight and one of my personal favorites that we sell here on

It has an excellent lcd screen to show you exactly the amount of runtime that you have left on each level and the battery percentage and the output level. You have clear indication of whatever output levels you want. Next we'll discuss the big Kahuna, the Fenix RC40. This is a very large, incredible search and rescue flashlight. It has an incredible throw distance of almost 2,400 feet and offers an incredible 6,000 lumen output level. This is going to last you a very long time in these high output levels as well as offer you the best throw that any Fenix flashlight can offer.

It is absolutely one of our super bright led flashlight that we have here, and it is absolutely a fan favorite. The Fenix RC40 (discontinued; recommended replacement LR80R) was the brightest light that we carried and so it got a good reputation as our biggest and brightest flashlight that we offered. And so it has continued to sell very well and it's very popular among search and rescue operations, fireman, and wilderness survival. All of these are excellent uses for the the Fenix RC40 rechargeable led light.



Next one here is another brand new edition of an old favorite. This is the Fenix TK75 led flashlight, the 2018 edition. This Fenix TK75 2018 Edition has a total of 5100 Lumens. You also have the added bonus of being able to remove the batteries and switch them out with others if you want so you can carry extras to extend your run time even more.

Speaking of extending the runtime, the Fenix TK75 is not only a super bright led flashlight, but it also is going to be one of the longest running lights that we offer simply because the Fenix TK75 has an optional addition of what is called the Fenix TK75 Runtime kit. This runtime kit essentially adds a new another body piece and a battery carrier to the light offering you the ability to put an additional four 18650. You can add up to three of these and every single one of these that you add is going to add almost an entire amount of runtime onto the flashlight. And you also have the amazing feature, which is the micro USB rechargeable battery carrier. This will allow you to not only have this incredible amount of brightness, throw and run time in this light, but you'll also be able to charge the batteries in the battery carrier without having to even use a separate battery charger.



We've talked about a few different really great throwing lights. How about an amazing flood light? This is going to be our best flood light that we have to offer here at It is a super bright led flashlight at 3,800 lumens. This is the Fenix FD65. It offers you a 3,100 maximum lumens with a maximum throw distance on the spot mode of almost 1400 feet, but what's really incredible is the is the flood angle that had offers on the flood mode. It is going to offer a full 90 degree beam angle while on the flood mode. So you can have this holding a shining out in front of you and you will see everything from the ground at your feet to the treetops above you. If you have wanted a floodlight look no further than the Fenix FD65, that about wraps it up for these super bright led flashlights that has to offer here.


Thank you so much for joining us. And as always, you can give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions about these lights we've covered here or about any other models that we sell on We'd be happy to speak with you anytime.