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Fenix HP40H LED Hunting Headlamp

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Fenix HP40H LED Hunting Headlamp

$69.95 (You save $20.00)

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    • Fenix HP40H LED Hunting Headlamp

      Product Description

      Discontinued by Fenix

      Fenix has now designed the Fenix HP40H LED headlamp specifically for hunters.  No more red filter to deal with--you have the red LED built in to the headlamp.  You have control over your environment with a white flood for all your outdoor activities or a featured red spot light when needed to allow for night vision without interfering with the animal wildlife.  You get the power of a maximum 150-lumen red LED with a 344-foot beam distance or a maximum 450 lumen white LED with a maximum beam distance of 360 feet. Then for all your emergency needs, you have a 180-Lumen SOS mode.  The separate battery box which provides a balanced carry makes the Fenix HP40F a perfect companion for your outdoor activities.


      • Utilizes one Cree XP-E2 LED and one Cree XP-G2 R5 LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
      • Red Light Output:
        • High: 150 Lumens (Ni-MH Battery - 4 hours; Alkaline Battery - 3 hours 45 min.)
        • Mid: 75 Lumens (Ni-MH Battery - 8 hours; Alkaline Battery - 7 hours)
        • Low:  25 Lumens (Ni-MH Lumens - 37 hours 30 min.; Alkaline Battery - 40 hours)
      • White Light Output:
        • Turbo: 450 Lumens (Ni-MH Battery - 3 hours; Alkaline Battery - 2 hours 45 min.)
        • High: 180 Lumens (Ni-MH Battery - 6 hours 45 min.; Alkaline Battery - 6 hours 30 min.)
        • Mid: 65 Lumens (Ni-MH Battery - 21 hours 45 min.; Alkaline Battery - 30 hours)
        • Low: 8 Lumens (Ni-MH Battery - 140 hours; Alkaline Battery - 160 hours)
      • SOS:  180 Lumens
      • Beam Distance:  
        • Red LED: 344 feet Maximum
        • White LED: 360 feet Maximum
      • Army green faceplate to easily blend in wooded, brushy, or grassy areas
      • Separate battery case to provide a perfect fore-aft balance.  (CABLE IS NOT LONG ENOUGH TO CARRY ON BELT OR INSIDE OF COAT POCKET)
      • Two dedicated light sources with individual control systems
      • Digitally-regulated output maintains constant brightness
      • Intelligent memory circuit, automatically enters previous brightness level when turned on again
      • Lockout function - prevents the light from accidental activation
      • Remote battery case shifts weight from head to belt or pack and protects runtimes in cold conditions
      • 60-degree tilt mechanism
      • Rugged aluminum chassis to shed heat and impact
      • Reverse polarity protection guards against improper battery installation
      • Made from durable aluminum alloy and performance plastic
      • Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
      • IPX-6 water resistant rating.  Protects against heavy splash and rain
      • CLICK HERE for the User Manual

      Size of Your Light

      • Light Size:  3 inches/76mm (Length) x 2.2 inches/55.7mm (Width) x 1.24 inches/31.5mm (Height)
      • 6.5 ounce/183.5 grams weight (excluding batteries)
      • Battery box size:  3.5 inches/88.8mm (Length) x 2.9 inches/73.7mm (Width) x 1.0 inches/26.2mm (Height)

      Batteries Used


      What's Included in the Package

      • 1 - HP40H Hunting Headlamp
      • 1 - Cable Clip
      • 4 - Alkaline AA Batteries
      • 1 - User Manual
      • 1 - Warranty Card


      Other Details

      Max Lumens:
      Battery Type:
      Size (inches):
      Compact - < 4" Long
      Battery Included
      Red LED
      Max Beam Throw (feet):
      Max Runtime (hours):

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