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Welcome to the flashlight reviews page. This page is designed to display reviews from experts who use our flashlights every single day. We are excited to share these reviews and discussions to  help educate and inform on the many products that we have available here on Below you will find many discussions and reviews that will cover all aspects including Every Day Carry Flashlights, Hunting Lights, Fishing lights, Law Enforcement Flashlights, and many more.  


Everyday Carry Flashlights Reviews - The Everyday carry flashlight (EDC) category is a fan favorite. Here you will find reviews and suggestions about our most popular models and accessories. If you work in the office, field, or even on a plane we have the lights that you will enjoy having in your pocket every single day. No more carrying around fanny packs full of small LED flashlights that just don't last. can help you choose a light that will last a lifetime, we provide a 5 year limited lifetime warranty. We promise that you will love our flashlights so much that you will forget you ever had a light on your android phone or IPhone! Why wait? Hurry and see what flashlight will work best for you. 

Top Everyday Carry Flashlight Reviews:

NEW! EDC flashlights of 2019Wondering what Fenix is offering this year in the EDC category? It's no just the Fenix PD35, we are also offering many more EDC flashlights.

1. Best AA Powered Flashlights - A quick review of some the best AA battery powered flashlights that we have available at We understand that not everyone likes a rechargeable battery. you will find many different option available under this AA flashlight review from economy EDC to powerful hand held AA Flashlights.

2. The Best Flashlights For Traveling - Fenix RC05 - Looking to travel in the near future? Look no further. It is important to have a good traveling flashlight that is compact and user friendly. The Fenix RC05 is the best option. This travel review will go in to detail as to why the RC05 is the best flashlight for traveling.

3. Best Keychain lights of 2018 - Everyone loves a good keychain light/flashlight. has all the best options available. We provide keychain lights/flashlights that will last a lifetime. View some of the best option in this details keychain flashlight review. 

4. The best Everyday carry flashlight of 2018 - Fenix UC35 - No other flashlight has been rated so well! The Fenix UC35 has been a fan favorite for many years. Now that it has been upgraded you it continues it reign as the best everyday carry flashlight available in 2018. Read this review to see why the Fenix UC35 is so versatile which makes it the best EDC flashlight of 2018. 

5. Walmart Flashlights compared to high powered quality flashlights - We have all seen these flashlights piles up on the shelves at reduced prices, but can they really stack up against the ultra powerful and best Fenix Flashlights available? This in depth Review puts an end the debate of which flashlights are better? 

6. The Best 18650 Flashlights of 2018 - Are you looking for a good 18650 flashlight? offer the best 18650 flashlights. Here you will find the best options for 18650 flashlights and their different uses. Pick one of these great 18650 flashlights that will last a lifetime especially with a rechargeable 18650 flashlight. 

7. Fenix LD22 - Best AA Battery EDC Flashlight? - We all know that Fenix has some of the best AA flashlights available for Everyday carry, but which of these AA flashlights is the king of them all? Read why the Fenix LD22 has been chosen as the best AA flashlight for Everyday carry use and what makes it better than any other brand available. 

8. Should the PD35 be the best EDC flashlight of 2018? - Should the Fenix PD35 be considered the best everyday carry flashlight from Fenix? We answer the pro's and con's and why the Fenix UC35 V2.0 may be battling for the top spot of Everyday carry flashlight.

9. The best mini flashlights of 2018 - Small flashlights are easy to carry! Here you will find some fo the best options available in the mini flashlights category. After reading this review you may end up buying these for all your friends also.  

10. The best walking flashlights of 2018 - Going for a run or walking the dog? Here you can find the best flashlights and headlamps for waling at night! You can choose form our great headlamps or our impressive and bright LED flashlights. 

11. EDC flashlight review - Fenix LD15R - The most versatile Fenix flashlight available has arrived. The Fenix LD15R is the perfect flashlight for everyday carry. The right angle designs provide a multitude of uses for  everyday carry. We go in depth about the settings and the USB rechargeable capabilities. 

12. The best pocket flashlight of 2018 - Tired of carrying bulky heavy flashlights in your pocket? offers the best pocket flashlights for easy everyday carry use. These powerful flashlights are never bulky or heavy, they are just the right size.

13. Best EDC flashlights - Fenix UC30 2017 Edition - One of the best EDC flashlights of 2017 was the Fenix UC30. Currently still  one of the top EDC flashlight available at We recommend this flashlight if you are on a budget or needing to get someone a high quality flashlight. 

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Tactical Flashlight Reviews - If you had the training either in military of Police, this is the category for you. We provide in depth reviews on all of our great tactical flashlights, specifically from our TK Series of flashlights. provide tactical flashlights for every use, including small and compact to large and powerful. Under this flashlight review section you will also find suggestions on the best batteries and attachments that you can find to get the most our of your tactical flashlight. 

Top Tactical Flashlights Reviews:

1. Top 5 Tactical Far Distance Flashlights

2. Fenix TK35UE 2018 The Best Handheld Tactical Flashlight

3. The Best Tactical Flashlight in 2018 - The Fenix PD35TAC

4. Tactical Flashlight Review 2018 - Fenix TK20R TAC Light 

5. Best Tactical Flashlights for walking at night

6. Powerful Tactical Flashlight Review - Fenix TK75 Tactical Search and Rescue flashlight

7. Tactical Everyday Carry flashlight review - Fenix Tactical Pen and F15 Flashlight

8. Tactical Police Flashlight Review - Fenix TK65R 3200 Lumen LED Tactical Flashlight

9. Tactical Flashlight Review of the Fenix TK15UE 

10. Police and Hunting Flashlight Review - Fenix TK25 R&B with Red and Blue LED's

11. Why is the PD35 Tactical Flashlight better that the G700 Flashlight? 

12. The X800 flashlight can't match the best Fenix flashlights available

13. The PD35 and PD35TAC make the G700 Flashlight and X700 Flashlight look weak!


Flashlight Expert DiscussionWant to learn about all the great flashlights Fenix has to offer? This Review category is designed just for you. Here you will find reviews on well know and some not so known flashlights that Fenix has to offer. Most of the Flashlights reviews under this category will be written by experts in the field. We have taken the time to interview some of the greatest people in law enforcement and Gear junkies to give their deep and honest opinions on these amazing flashlights! Take the time to really appreciate the great work these experts have done. 

Flashlight Expert Discussion Topics:

1. How to Fix a Flashlight?

2. How does a Flashlight or Torch work?

3. Commonly Asked Questions - How to turn on the flashlight?

4. Fenix Underwater/Scuba Diving photography Flashlights

5. The Best rechargeable flashlights - UC Series

6. Fenix Flashlights Warranty Information Review

7. Loyalty Rewards program


New Flashlight Reviews - wanting the newest and greatest? This would be your category. Here our experts take detailed time to review all the new and great Fenix flashlights that have become available. Every year Fenix makes over a dozen new flashlights, headlamps, and bike lights. Each one with it's own characteristics and features. Here we analyze each one of those features and offer a clear prospective on pro's & con's for each light. Find the honest flashlights reviews you have been looking for in this category. 

New Flashlight Reviews topics:

1. New Flashlights from Fenix

2. The best Flashlights of 2018

3. Top Ranked Flashlights and Gear From

4. Flashlight Package Deals for 2018

5. Flashlights you didn't know existed from Fenix!

6. New Powerful flashlights 2018 Edition

7. The best new flashlights from Fenix 2018

8. Flashlights on sale at


Law Enforcement Flashlight Reviews - If you are in the Military or a Police officer the law enforcement Flashlight review category is for you. Here you will find the best Tactical and LEO flashlights available. The flashlight in this category have been tested by experts who are also LEO's or in the military. These are reviews you trust so you can find a flashlight that you will trust even in the most difficult situations. Most of our LEO and Military lights are from the TK series, but we also have a few surprise reviews from the PD series that are also a great fit. 

Top Law Enforcement Flashlight Reviews:

1. Fenix MC11 LED LEO Vest flashlight

2. Fenix Flashlight with LED Infrared (IR) Light Technology

3. Fenix TK65R LEO Flashlight Review

4. The Best Police (LEO) Flashlights of 2018


Headlamp Reviews - Are you into caving or an avid jogger/runner? In the Headlamp review category you will find the best headlamps available from to fit all your needs. We has lists that will give you the best possible option. We offer top 5's for the best Running headlamps and also the best caving headlamps in the review category. We know not all headlamps are created equal, that is why we decided to recruit a special team of analyst to give there honest opinion on these amazing headlamps. Be prepared with a high quality headlamp at a reasonable price. 

1. Brightest Headlamp of 2018

2. The Best rechargeable Headlamp

3. The Best walking Lights of 2018 

4. Super bright and Powerful Headlamp Reviews - Fenix HL40R

5. Is the Fenix HM50R the Best headlamp of 2018? It was the best of 2017!

6. Fenix HM50R Overview

7. One of the best headlamps available - Fenix HL50 LED Headlamp

8. Powerful Headlamp Review of the Fenix HP15UE

9. The best Headlamps available at

10. Headlamp Review and Comparison - Fenix HL26R vs. HL15