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LR Series

Fenix LR Series Flashlights

Searchlights & Spotlights

The Fenix LR Series contains some of the brightest flashlights on the market.  The Fenix LR40R is one of the most powerful searchlights with 19 LEDS, maximum output of 12,000 lumens, and up to a 92 hour runtime on low. 

  • Fenix LR40R Rechargeable 12000 Lumen Flashlight

    Fenix LR40R Rechargeable 12000 Lumen Flashlight


    The Fenix LR40R is a 12000-lumen flashlight made for search and rescue. The Fenix LR40R is the brightest flashlight made by Fenix.  Capable of 2536-foot beam visibility, it can be used to find any object in the dark. Dual stainless steel side...

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  • Fenix LR35R Flashlight

    Fenix LR35R Rechargeable Flashlight


    The newly released Fenix LR35R Flashlight that was revealed at Shot Show 2020 as the TK39R has finally arrived at Fenix Store under a new name, LR35R! This powerful flashlight has a similar body to the Fenix TK35 torches but is much more potent with...

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  • Fenix LR50R Multifunctional Search Light - 12000 Lumens

    Fenix LR50R Multifunctional Search Light - 12000 Lumens


    The perfect searchlight? We have it! It's big, powerful, and has a beam distance of 3116 feet. This new flashlight goes by the name of LR50R. The powerful LR50R will impress anyone with the outstanding 12000 lumens powered by the ARB-L52 16000...

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  • Fenix LR80R searchlight thumbnail

    Fenix LR80R Rechargeable Searchlight - 18000 Lumens


    The Fenix LR80R is the definition of a super bright handheld searchlight. This flashlight will impress everyone with an outstanding 18000 lumens powered by the built-in 7.2V/12000mAh Li-ion battery pack. Capable of 1130-meter beam visibility, it can be...

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